1947th heart


Summer wears green well.

I’m finding it harder and harder to find the right quotes to express what I want to say without using ones I’ve used before.

Also I know my hearts used to arrive early before the day began as inspiration for the day ahead and lately they’ve got later and later and sum up the day that’s been.

Well today the sun came out and late afternoon I had to go to the Ludlow Food Centre to drop off more stock. I’ve got an exhibition of Art there till the end of August and I’m selling lots of cards, mostly all 366 Heart cards and books and coasters, so that’s encouraging. ( Except the naughty one they banned that one, I had to go and fetch them al back)

I took the two fur balls with me, planning a good walk up Clee Hill on the way back. I thought it would be a lovely place to eat my tea ( a piece of pie from the deli at the food centre)  but I think the bugs up there had the same idea and were very pleased I came up!



Hero was busy watching a dragonfly and Lexi was hoping someone interesting would come and save her from me and Hero.

sunshine clee hill

The sun was going down, magically throwing it’s last rays here and there and how can you not be inspired by nature.

The dogs are fast asleep and I’m scratching my bites xx


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