2044th heart

Be still and listen.

366 Hearts Books
An ideal gift to send to family or friends. These cute little books have 40 pages each, thats a total of 144 pages of hearts (nearly) if you buy the whole collection.
Each book contains some of our most popular and favourite hearts and quotes. They were made to inspire and motivate, which makes them the perfect gift for loved ones.
We are offering FREE P&P on these books for our UK customers during lock down. So why not send out some books with the postage on us!
They are an ideal size for handbags and also look great on coffee tables, or simply next to your bed for a little pick-me-up first thing in the morning or last thing at night.
We find these little books are a cool and cute alternative to sending a card, as they will last forever.

This collection features all 4 heart books with: Green, Blue, Pink and Yellow covers.

We are offering the collection at £15.00 rather than £20.00. So you receive a book for FREE.
Buy all 4 books together for the discounted price of £15.00 (FREE UK P&P)

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