2046th heart

Happy Sunday,

if you can get outside for a bit great, if not here’s a pic of the hedgerow near me. So many wild flowers.

My daughter Ellie is helping me with The Heart Blog and she’s getting me organised. We have a few changes, I’m going to stop posting here, because it’s confusing with two websites and blogs. That means these emails will stop at the end of this next week.

I will still paint a new heart Monday to Friday, which will be put up on my website home page, where they’re also for sale.

They’ll also go up on weekdays at 9am on facebook and instagram. No new heart on Saturday and there will be a weekly newsletter emailed out on Sunday morning ( to be confirmed) which will be a catch up with all the week’s hearts.
If you’d like to still get my emails please sign up on the bottom of the website’s home page in the pink area where it says Newsletter sign up thank you.

If you’d like to get your daily heart inspiration please like and follow my page on facebook

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I’ll probably add this same message to my hearts this next week because emails don’t always get opened, and i don’t want to lose you if you’d still like to still follow the hearts. So I apologise and please ignore it if you’ve seen it already.

I’m very excited to have Ellie onboard and hopefully with your continued support we’ll start to become a little business.

best wishes

Hazel xx


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