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Call it a midlife crisis if you like, but one day everything changed and a new chapter in my life began. I set myself the challenge to paint a heart a day for a year, and started on this creative journey. I shared the hearts with whoever might enjoy them, through my blog. I made the first heart on Valentine’s Day 2012, so a leap year led to the name 366Hearts. But when the 366th heart was done, I was having too much fun to stop. I’ve taken the project on to 2000 hearts…and now I’ve decided to share the hearts on the blog again, starting at the beginning with the very first heart.

(Lovely video of 366Hearts by Tom Myers, the music is credited to Alan Simon and Justin Hayward, from the Album Excalibur II; EMI Distribution.)

I usually create each new heart at night. I stop and think for a moment about what I want to tell myself. What do I need? Advice, happy energy, some strength, an insight, a pat on the back, a kick up the backside? From the thought in my head, I paint my heart, then write a few of my own words or find a quote that seems to fit with the heart. Each heart is personal to me, yet seems to work on so many different levels, for so many people. There’s always someone out there who relates to the day’s heart. Your reactions to the hearts generate fresh inspiration for the 366Hearts Project.

I’m Hazel McNab. Thank you for being interested in my hearts.


She believed - the first 366Heart