Thank you for visiting We want to explain to you what ‘personal data’ we may collect when you visit the website and what we do with it, including our use of ‘cookies’.


During your visit to you may click a link that transfers you to our Shop at which is hosted by Shopify Inc. We have a separate Privacy Policy as well as Terms of Service and a Returns Policy for the Shopify-hosted Shop which can be accessed via a link in the footer of the store Checkout.

Personal data collected by the website

No personal data is collected by or stored in our website We do not have a contact form. We do not operate a comment facility on our blog. We do not use tracking software. We do not place cookies on your devices.

If you would like to contact us, you may do so to Although Google encrypts Gmail emails, we can’t guarantee that your email will be encrypted at all stages of its life.

Our 366Hearts ‘A Heart A Day’ mailing list (25th May 2018 onwards)

We operate a MailChimp-hosted mailing list for the 366hearts blog. Our blog posts automatically go out to this mailing list. You may subscribe to the mailing list to receive ‘A heart a day’ direct to your Inbox by clicking the provided links on the website, which are to our subscribe form.

We collect your name and email address via this subscribe form when you subscribe to the mailing list. We also collect and record your consent to receive our mailings by means of an ‘I Accept’ tick box on the subscribe form. If you subscribe but do not tick ‘I Accept’ we cannot send you emails.

You will see the [following text] on the subscribe form above the ‘Subscribe to list’ button:

[Your consent to our use of your personal data

The ‘personal data’ (your name and email address) you provide here will be stored within the MailChimp mailing system along with a record of your subscription to the 366Hearts mailing list. We will send you daily hearts and marketing by email. MailChimp will track and store your list activity (i.e. whether and why the email bounces, when you open the email, which links in the email you click, your IP address, approximate geographic location and the email client you use); we will only use this information, and the personal data you give us, to administer the list and manage the content of our emails, to best serve you. If you prefer not to accept, we understand, but unfortunately we will be unable to send you any emails. PLEASE TICK ‘I Accept’!

O  I Accept

Our previous blog subscription list (prior to 25th May 2018)

You may have subscribed to receive a daily heart from us in the past by giving us your email address via the WordPress/Jetpack blog subscription facility on our website. New EU data protection laws (the GDPR) mean that we are legally obliged to stop sending you emails, unless you re-subscribe to our new MailChimp-hosted mailing list (as described above). We have now turned off our WordPress/Jetpack blog subscription facility and deleted Jetpack from our website thus deleting the list data. If you haven’t already done so, please visit our MailChimp subscribe form and re-subscribe! We’d love to send you free daily hearts.

If you previously commented on our blog or used our Contact Form

We have removed all blog comments and contact form entries and the personal data associated with them from the website; no personal data from these is now stored in the website. Previous contact form enquiries will remain in our email system unless you specifically request their removal.

Other websites we link to from this website

We may link to other websites from this website to help you access the resources you need. Once you click a link to another website (one where the url of any page you visit does not begin with, your visit to that website will be governed by the processes and Privacy Policy of that website and not by those of this website

Data sent between your device and our website

Any data that is sent between your device and our website is encrypted for your protection — our website address begins with https:// and you can see the word Secure and/or a little padlock next to the url in your browser; we use a technology called Secure Sockets Layer to do that. This is standard good practice for any website.

Thank you and contact

Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you may email quoting the version of the Privacy Policy you are referring to, and we will do our best to help you.